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Miniature Gardens
Looking at these terrariums you find the joy of the connection with nature, because you can see yourself in it, sitting on a rock in the sun, on top of a mountain, admiring the view around. If you open your imagination, you can feel the wind blowing in your hair and you can hear the birds chirping in the valley. Our terrariums are made by order and they are meant to decorate your home or office and they are also perfect for giving an original gift to a special person. These terrariums combine the urban energy of a city with the tranquility of the traditional mountain landscape and will complete any space offering a calming influence to even the busiest day of our lives.
Each miniature garden in our collection is designed as a small oasis of relaxation because it adds a mini garden to any indoor space, regardless of the weather outside. It has a decorative role to decorate your office or to use it as a central decoration for a table.


Glass terrarium with Led installation, a dream decor for crystal enthusiasts!

A small-scale microuniverse in which you can escape at any time and which is waiting for you, politely, on a shelf in the living room or on the shelf in the hallway.

citrine decoration.png

Moss Desk Decor

Terrarium that can be integrated in any space and each creation is special in its own way. Suitable to be placed on the desk and is ideal for small space like apartment or at office.

moss art  (119).png

 Brings Greenery Indoor

Special decorations that you can enjoy over the years!

Terrariums contain mosses, stabilized plants and natural elements that illustrate corners of nature!

terrarium decor for desk.jpg

Diorama Display

From Vision to Reality

Diorama display for die cast cars

Die Cast Cars 1:43 scale

We like dioramas, those cute models that depict various miniature landscapes or compositions in nature.
This diorama is a house with a spacious courtyard that houses several 1:43 scale car models.
Diorama has the capacity of 10 parking spaces.

picture with a miniature car sitting on moss

Perfect Gift for Him

A mini corner of heaven that combines passion for cars and nature, this diorama is ideal for those who want to admire their special collection cars!

Hobbit Diorama - Bilbo Baggins House
Lord of the Rings movie inspiration

You always wanted to have your own little unique Hobbit diorama?

This diorama is a unique must-have for any Hobbit fans!

The Hobbit - Bilbo Baggings House - Hobbiton - Hobbit Hole  (10).png

Haven't you watched Hobbit yet?

If not, this figure will surely make you the movie fan. Realized with intricate detailing, it keeps the realistic appeal intact. It will also be an ideal centerpiece that will leave your guests and loved ones in awe.

Is there a Lord of the Rings locale that warms our hearts more than the Shire? The home of Frodo and Bilbo Baggins, as well as all the other Hobbits, is where most fans of Middle-earth would visit if they could.This is a meticulous recreation of the Shire, a.k.a. Hobbiton and is reimagined as an exquisitely beautiful diorama. 

Hobbiton decor ideas.png
Fantasy movies diorama display.png

You can place it on the shelf, on a desk, or on a nightstand.

The plants are preserved and all natural, they do not need maintaining  but keep them away from heat, air conditioner, water in order to keep the shape and the color.

The door is opening and you can put some lights inside for a night lamp effect.

Lord of the rings movie, hobbit hole diorama display.png
Mossimag logo

Would you like us to design an awesome moss art for you?

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