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Moss Wall Design Bathroom Decor, Modern Bathroom Interior

What We Offer


The spaces you spend most of your time in are definitely worth the extra attention Mossimag can give them. We help you through the entire production process, from concept to finished product.

With no maintenance required Moss Walls are a great option to create a stunning space that will impress any visitor and we offer endless possibilities to translate your ideas into beautiful bespoke pieces, perfectly suited to enhance any interior, whether its in the residential sector, hospitality industry, office or at home.
With various design and moss options, these walls are a perfect way to get creative while adding greenery to any indoor space.

Moss wall art matches any style using natural elements. You can choose an arrangement in a picture, a few small frames with moss or the whole wall covered with moss.
It’s great especially in interiors where wood and stone are the main materials. Added greenery can create a cozy and fresh atmosphere.
We know we have been successful when the people who own, use and admire the places we create feel empowered, inspired and connected. 



Set of Moss Frames in Interior Room, Living Room Decor

Moss Frames

Moss sets comes with different types of preserved plants and preserved moss that complement the decor and bring aspects of nature into your living space.

Interior Design Green Moss Set of 2 piece wall decor

Moss Set

Adding a moss wall panel into an commercial space or at home is the perfect way of having the beauty and benefits of nature inside without to worry about maintenance. Designed to create a wow effect, they instantly become the talking point of the space they’re in!

Moss Wall in interior, living room design

Moss Wall

Moss walls are a fantastic option for home and also for businesses looking to make their offices greener. They are low-maintenance, space-friendly, and very decorative.
Not only beautiful, moss walls are offering a daily dose of relaxation, health and happiness improving the productivity and motivation too! 

moss walls green wall design, interior by mossimag_edited.jpg

Vertical Garden

Vertical garden with moss and plants is the perfect way of having the nature by your side in the modern world! When you sink your hand into the moss you can feel the fresh and scented earth, the green leaves of fern and plants gives us a look of an exotic tropical jungle!


Moss & Wood

Wooden art with moss is always a great idea if you want to decorate your space in a rustic style. The color scheme of this piece of art is masculine and they beautifully decorate the bedroom, living room or office offering a new and unique look! This wall art features wooden cubes in different placed on a mount on different levels to create a textured look. 

brand logo with moss and plants, moss letter, business logo, logo design, wall logo.png

Moss Letters & Logos

A corporate brand with a custom living walls add richness and professionalism by welcoming guests when hung behind reception desks, conference rooms, boardrooms. We work with a wide variety of materials including preserved moss and ferns, wood, pvc, and can meet a wide variety of looks and feels. 


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